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Our SureStepsSM Fall Prevention Program

There are many things you and your family can do to reduce fall risks and prevent falls. Sometimes, however, help from professional caregivers can further reduce fall risks and improve safe, independent living at home.

The SureSteps Program is based on Interim HealthCare's 40 years of experience in looking at many different situations and developing recommendations to enhance living safely and independently at home. It starts with the Interim HomeStyle Services At-Home Assessment. This is a comprehensive review of the client's diseases and conditions, their medications, their ability to handle essential activities such as moving around, transportation, meal preparation, bathing and grooming. We also assess the client's mental well-being and their nutritional status. Finally, we provide a written report and, most importantly, recommendations for reducing the risk of falls and promoting safety and independence at home.

Personalized Help
Different people have different needs. And, there are often times when a person's needs change. In most instances, we have the ability to provide a comprehensive range of services either through our own offices or with local partnerships. This makes it easier for the client and provides a continuity of assistance and care.

  • Supportive Services
    Sometimes it's just a little bit of help with the activities of everyday life. Interim HomeStyle Services brings you or a loved one a menu of helpful solutions to the little challenges that jeopardize safety and independence. HomeStyle Services professional caregivers help with things such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, shopping, bathing and grooming and other important services. Helping with getting around or bathing, for example, can avoid high fall risk situations.
  • Skilled Services
    Sometimes fall risks come from situations that require skilled nursing or therapy services. For example, physical strength, balance and walking problems can be addressed with physical therapy at home. Nurses might help with medication management. The physician might order skilled nursing services when there has been a change in a medical condition or medications. A nurse might be needed to teach self-management skills. Many of these services may be paid for by insurance plans or Medicare.