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Home Care Specialty Programs

Interim HealthCare's home care specialty programs* have been developed to assist patients, families and physicians with a variety of diseases and conditions in a home setting. These home care programs are provided by experienced home health care professionals and include individualized patient and family training. All specialty program services are delivered in a professional and compassionate manner, with utmost respect and concern for the dignity of our patients and their family members.

Specialty Programs for patients with chronic diseases focus on motivating and empowering the patient to "live with" their condition - making them most able to stay safely at home with the best possible quality of life. In all cases, our specialty home care programs focus on making home care an attractive alternative to facility care for patients, family, referral sources and payors by getting patients out of the hospital as quickly as possible with the support of trained home health care professionals.

We've been providing expert home care specialty programs to medically fragile children at home for more than a quarter of a century. And our focus remains the same - to give the pediatric patient the best home health care possible using a family centered approach.

Heart Failure
Our Living with Heart Failure Program moves patients and their family caregivers along a pathway that prepares them for self care, and self-monitoring of their condition, while stabilizing their condition after an emergency room or hospital stay. Home nursing, therapy services, and education are provided by skilled home health care clinicians.

Wound Management
We've had a wound care credentialing process in place since 2002 that allows Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists to improve clinical knowledge and competency. We work with a product formulary to ensure our home health care nurses have knowledge to identify the most effective and cost efficient product choices.

Joint Replacement
Our new INTERPath is designed to integrate orthopaedic physician's preferences for post-surgical care with Interim HealthCare's expertise at teaching and plan of care execution. This program can avoid the need for facility care following surgery.

Fall Prevention and Home Safety
Fall Prevention is based on the latest research about fall risk and prevention and offers home care patients recommendations to enhance living safely and independently at home. Fall Prevention includes assessment of the patient's medications, compliance, as well as traditional home safety and therapy interventions for gait and balance.

Independent and Assisted-Living Facilities
Our team of home health care nurses, therapists and paraprofessionals can help facility administrators coordinate or deliver the scope of home care services their residents need from medication management or reminders to assistance with grooming or bathing, achieving the goal of longer, safer stay time spent at the independent or assisted level.

Psychiatric Home Health Services provide for a schedule of visits to the patient's residence by a Home Care Registered Nurse who is experienced in caring for people with a psychiatric illness.

Alzheimer's and Dementia
We partnered with the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) to develop "A Time to Care," a new training program specifically geared toward providing care for Alzheimer's and dementia patients in a home setting.
A number of our home health care professionals have received this advanced training to improve their skills and ability to provide services to these special patients and their families.

Interim HealthCare Hospice offers the best in medical and home nursing care, using state-of-the-art symptom management to control symptoms and promote comfort. We help patients understand their choices and work to support them in their decisions. Through our Hospice programs, we coordinate all the services that make them comfortable. We encourage and facilitate contacts with friends and family that allow important things to be said and celebrated. In all, we do our best to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of clients and family.

* Not all programs are available at all locations