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We provide a broad array of home care and supportive services through our trained professionals.

Our services include:

Skilled Nursing
These services are provided by Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs). It includes health status assessments, teaching about diseases and treatment for clients and families, taking samples for lab tests, wound dressing changes, nutritional counseling, medication training and compliance, wound care venipuncture, ostomy teaching and management, IV management and more.


Support Services
These services are provided by paraprofessionals such as home health aides and certified nursing assistants. They can include assistance with bathing, medications and personal care depending on state regulations.


Many therapies can be provided at home to speed recovery from illness, injury or surgery. These include physical therapy to regain physical motion and strength, occupational therapy to regain day to day skills such as dressing and feeding oneself, and speech and language therapy to improve breathing or lung functioning.


Home IV Therapy
Home infusion (IV) services combine pharmacy and nursing services and make it possible for people to receive prescribed medications through intravenous lines or injections while at home. All Interim HealthCare offices can provide the nursing support for successful home infusion therapy and coordinate with local pharmacies. This enables Interim HealthCare to offer a comprehensive range of infusion therapies from TPN, chemotherapy, antibiotics and pain management to many other specialized therapies. These therapies can be provided alone or together with a wide range of Interim HealthCare home nursing services.

Our IV services offer efficiency and value to our customers using a low-cost model for the provision of intravenous (IV) therapy and supplies. Patients may receive intravenous medications at home under the supervision of their physician and an Interim HealthCare nurse. The local Interim HealthCare office coordinates these services.


Today, the challenges of supplemental staffing have become much more complex. Facilities have a growing need for qualified health care staff and employees are looking for more control with their careers. Interim HealthCare Staffing has become a leader in the development of a new health care supplemental workforce. Our success is based on our ability to recruit the best health care professionals and the responsiveness of our local managers and owners.

With our network of more than 300 franchise and branch offices, we provide nurses, allied health professionals, therapists and physicians, occupational health services and vendor management from coast to coast.