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Sharing a Commitment To The Little Ones

Thanks to technological advances, pediatric home health care has become a viable alternative to a health care facility. It can reduce costs considerably. And patients and their families, understandably, prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes.

If home health care is an option for your patients, one of the most important decisions you will make is which provider to recommend.

Pediatric home care brings special rewards and challenges. Each Interim HealthCare professional has extensive experience in the special challenges and rewards associated with pediatric home care. We've been providing expert care to medically fragile children at home for more than a quarter of a century. And our focus remains the same - to give the patient the best care possible using a family centered approach.

Our highly qualified personnel include professionals skilled in specialty programs such as:

  • Early maternal - infant discharge
  • Infusion therapy - IV nursing and product
  • Premature infant discharge
  • Pediatric transplant
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Technology-dependent - ventilators, bi-pap, c-pap, trachs

Interim HealthCare employees offer a wide variety of services for all aspects of treatment and support, from highly skilled nursing care to light housekeeping and meal preparation. We even offer respite care to provide much-needed breaks for the family.

Our employees can also instruct the family in care procedures. This not only keeps the interruption of day-to-day living to a minimum, but also helps assure that the most appropriate and optimal care is always available.