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Pre-surgical Education: Group or Home Visits

Education can make an important contribution to outcomes, especially as it relates to patient compliance and satisfaction. By providing information and achievable expectations, the stage is set for compliance and satisfaction.

Group Education
Group education for patients and family members can be provided prior to surgery by an Interim HealthCare Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Registered Nurse. These small group sessions provide patient and family members information about the joint replacement: what they can expect during surgery and the first days in the hospital as well as when they are discharged home. We work with the physician to set achievable expectations. All of the information is available in the Interim HealthCare INTERPath for Joint Replacement, subject to modification in consultation with the physician.

A pre-op home visit is ideal and can be conducted by the Physical Therapist or Nurse. This may happen a week or two prior to surgery, or sometimes within just a few days of the surgery. At this time the PT conducts a detailed safety assessment of the home, noting to the patient and family any changes that would make the patient safer after discharge and during recovery. The PT can also begin the recovery process by instructing the patient in the use of a walker or crutches and introduce the kinds of exercises they will undertake while they do not have the distractions of post-surgery recovery.