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Patient Education + Good Care = Good Outcomes

We know that much of the burden and much of the success of rehabilitation depend on the patient's and family's understanding of what to expect. We use up-to-date materials oriented to typical patient/family concerns and questions to supplement what they've learned from the physician. These teaching materials have many direct benefits:

  • Reduced patient/caregiver anxiety, reducing calls to the physician.
  • Appropriate expectations for post-surgical pain, activity progression, recovery speed and any likely restrictions on activity.
  • Effective patient/caregiver participation in home therapy and care programs.
  • Increased patient safety.
  • Avoidance of complications that could erode the positive impact of the expensive surgery.

We also know that clinical skills in teaching and care are critical to any plan. The INTERPath for Joint Replacement Surgery is implemented through the nurses and therapists of Interim HealthCare. They are selected against, trained through and managed by the standards we've honed in the home health arena since 1966.