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Joint Replacement Hip and Knee

More than half a million Americans have total hip or knee replacement surgery every year. While many of these procedures were performed on older individuals, more than 50,000 individuals under age 65 had a hip or knee joint replaced. The number continues to grow, in part, due to people living longer and the accumulative wear and tear on joints. Today, there are even patients starting to undergo repeat replacements.

Interim HealthCare has introduced INTERPath Joint Replacement Program. This new INTERPath is designed to integrate orthopaedic physician's preferences for pre- and post-surgical care with Interim HealthCare's expertise at teaching and care plan execution. We do this so that:

  • Home care is easier to use: timely coordination with inpatient discharges, efficient communications, careful adherence to physician protocols, comprehensive services.
  • Home care is an effective part of the patient's recovery from surgery, whether on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with outpatient therapy. Comprehensive home care from Interim HealthCare includes: in-home physical therapy, wound care, administration and monitoring of blood coagulation therapies (including lab draws) and IV antibiotics, as might be indicated.
  • Home care contributes to patient compliance and patient and family satisfaction. The INTERPath program includes patient and home assessments, patient and family education, monitoring, all contributing to recovery at home instead of in a facility.


The INTERPath for Joint Replacement Surgery provides a path for a unique partnership with physicians to achieve the best use of home care. Through INTERPath, Interim HealthCare:

  • Carefully follows physician preferences: We integrate each physician's unique protocols for progressive rehabilitation into the comprehensive home care and support program.
  • Provides patient and family education: We provide education for patients and families so they know what to expect during their recovery and to enhance their confidence with post-surgical activities. This education contributes to patient satisfaction, confidence with therapy and good outcomes.
  • Provides feedback to the physician or key staff regarding all aspects of the patient's progress in whatever manner or medium best suites his/her team's needs.

This new INTERPath continues the INTERPath approach introduced by Interim HealthCare more than 10 years ago. It includes an integrated approach to care planning, patient teaching and documentation.